How to Traveling With Healthy Hair

travel-kits-beauty-ftrWhen traveling, there are just so many things to see and so many things to do. We focus on the sights and the possibilities, and as a result we barely notice that we actually begin to forget a couple of things. Because of this, who can agonize over how to look their best when they’re in a whole new world? Traveling can cost a lot, but it doesn’t have to cost the health of your hair.

下载There are many factors to cause damaged hair when traveling. For example, walking under the sun for a long time can cause the harm to your hair, or suddenly traveling to a place with tropical climate can potentially cause hair loss. In addition to that a city with lots of pollution has many toxins and dust lurking in every nook and cranny which may cling to your hair and ultimately cause baldness. These may all be alarming, and so it is very important that no matter how busy we may be during our adventures, we must take steps to ensure that our hair will not become damaged.

imagesIn answer to these pressing matters, there are a couple of tips that professionals are recommending for people to do. In polluted environments, it is advisable to wear a hat or a scarf in order to protect hair. Also, at the end of a day out in the city, hair should be carefully shampooed and conditioned to wash away the harmful chemicals and dirt. However, it is important not to overdo the washing, or else it may further damage and weaken it.

Of course, it is handy to bring with you a couple of hair care products and religiously apply them to let the products do their work. However, there are more meticulous ways to protect hair health, and these include not brushing wet hair so that the hair will not be pulled from its roots, and in the case that the water conditions are different from the ones at home, hair should be prevented from being soaked for too long as it may cause a reaction.

Lastly, it should also be remembered that travelling with a hectic schedule can also cause stress, which is another factor why traveling can cause damaged hair. So, despite all the lists and different schedules to follow, remember to just have fun and enjoy all the sights, so that your hair (and also your body) will not be damaged!

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Do Not Take Your Beauty Sleep For Granted

There are a lot of things that money could buy. Sleep is not one of them. The crisp smell of a newly changed linen and the soft texture of pillow give off positive vibes. The satisfaction you get from having 8 hours improves your mood by a hundred percent. Sleep is free yet often times people take it for granted thus paving a way to insomnia and stress. With the pace of human life now, sleep becomes luxury. As if spending eighth hours in the office is not enough, some people even lose bed times just for work. Some people always alter their body clock making falling asleep naturally harder.

Today is not the time to take your health for granted. Sleeping is a part of your life. It could restore your vitality. It could make you stronger. It improves the way you look by making you look younger. Here are ways on how to improve your beauty sleep.

1. Do not bring your work at home.

Do not bring your work at home.
Keep a time table at work and strictly follow it. Do not work beyond eight hours. Make a to-do list. Try to classify your tasks properly. Those that need immediate action should be dealt with prompt. Work smart but do not put your sleep in jeopardy. Remember to rest when you get home. Do not worry about your boss, co-worker or projects. If you give your all during your eight hours shift your supervisor should not bother you. Do not answer calls when you are home. Give yourself some space.

2. Keep your room free from clutter.

Keep your room free from clutter.
A filthy room with soiled linens could make sleeping impossible. Change your linens every week. Keep your room smelling fresh by having an atomizer diffusing your favorite scent. Keep sharp objects away from you. When your room is clean your mind is at peace.

3.Keep gadgets away from your room.

Keep gadgets away from your room.
The glare of radiation coming from your mobile phone and laptops is alarming. Have a technology detox every once in a while. You will not be able to sleep if you binge watch on those series. How will you fall asleep if you hear you continue chatting with your friends? Keep your room silent and gain your beauty sleep.

4.Practice breathing exercises.

Practice breathing exercises
To be able to maximize sleep your lungs should be in prime condition. Breath in and out deeply. Feel the air as you inhale and exhale. Breathing deeply makes you sleep faster. It does not only lengthen your sleep, it also improve its quality.

5 Take food supplements.

Take food supplements.
There are a lot of supplements in the pharmacy that help you sleep faster. Consult your doctor should you wish to take them. This supplements could be taken before night time for a sound sleep. Before you know it you are already sleeping. Take supplements but do not take sleeping pills. Supplements aim to help you sleep naturally. Sleeping pills knock you down.

Beauty is in the eye of the holder but it would not hurt to lose eye bags. The hi-tech environment makes people forget about sleep. Stressful high paying jobs are sometimes the culprit. Some people party all the time. The noise pollution keeps people awake. Whatever the reason for the lack of beauty sleep is, people should still consider sleep a need. Remember that if you are sick you would not be able to do your daily activities. Take things one sleep at a time. There is nothing that rest could not solve.

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Tips for the Budget Traveler

We’ve all wanted to go on that dream holiday without breaking the budget. Whether it’s Paris, New York or Kathmandu, there are many ways to save money on your next trip while still ensuring you’ll have a great time.

Here are a few tips:
1 Know your Non-Negotiables
Before you can even start a budget plan for your vacation, you have to know what is non-negotiable to you. Don’t skimp out on hotels if you know you can’t stand crowded hostels. If you’re not big on souvenirs or if you enjoy a leisurely stroll, you can cut out on shopping and transport fares instead! It’s important that you know what you want and what you can do without.

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2.) Maximize Flight Deals
Did you know that flights prices vary depending on your location? To see the lowest price available, make sure you put your browser on private or incognito mode for Google Chrome. Make sure to check out great budget sites like , Momondo or Once you find the your preferred flight, check the airline’s website directly and see if you can book it there for even cheaper! For more information I recommend checking out

3.) Think Out of the Box with Your Accommodation
When checking out hotels, you can’t go wrong with TripAdvisor. It let’s you see hotel ratings, prices and even tips when booking! But if you enjoy thinking out of the box, AirBnB is a must! You can rent accommodation in a variety of packages (single rooms, flats and houses) at rock bottom prices with the perks of a hotel. Most hosts will provide you with towels, bathroom amenities and even complimentary snacks. Traveling is a very enriching and character-building experience. There are a variety or reasons while people enjoy going overseas. For one thing, there are so many opportunities to learn new things and go out of your comfort zone. For another, it’s just great to have a change of scenery and explore the world. Luckily, traveling has never been cheaper and it’s just wonderful! More and more people have the opportunity to go on that dream holiday in Madrid or go on that crazy adventure in Phuket. The world truly has become an oyster without breaking the bank.

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Traveling to Paris? Here’s What You Need to Know

For anyone who loves fashion, art, culture, rich cuisine and heritage, Paris is the go-to place. With its cosmopolitan people and world-famous sites, Paris has definitely earned its place as a world capital and major tourist destination. Anyone who has not visited Paris is familiar with the picturesque Eiffel Tower, River Seine and the 12-Century Notre Dame Cathedral. But perhaps, the most distinguishing aspect of Paris is the rich cuisine, wine and sharp sense of contemporary fashion. As anyone would tell you, a visit to Paris would not be complete without a visit to the numerous cafes and famous designer boutiques. So how do you prepare yourself for this trip to the ‘City of Light’? The following tips will come in handy:

1) Dining The French prefer to make restaurant reservations in advance. Ordinarily, dinner does not start until after 8:00 PM. Very few restaurants are open between meals, so if you need to grab something to eat, the ever-open cafes would be a good bet. Since you are likely eating French food for the first time, try to order traditional French dishes. A good choice would be steak tartare, which is raw spiced beef and eggs. You will have a wide array of restaurants to choose from, including pure-vegetarian restaurants such as Le Potager du Marais.


2) Transportation The metro is the preferred method of commuting in Paris. In case you have many places to go to, it is cheaper to purchase 10 metro tickets (carnet). To save time, you could download an app for the Paris metro. It is advisable to take the train from the airport, since taxis are very expensive. For tourists visiting for a considerable amount of time, the Paris Pass would be a cheaper way to access the city’s attractions and museums.

3) Places to Visit
a)The Eiffel Tower. A visit to Paris is not complete without climbing this iconic landmark From the top, you will have a breath-taking view of the city and the ancient monuments. For convenience, ensure to buy tickets beforehand.

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b)The Notre-Dame Cathedral. This 12-Century monument is a must-visit. You will have a good view if you climb to the top of the bell towers, from which you can even see the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine.

c)Arc de Triomphe. The top of the Arc provides you with a bird’s-eye view of the Louvre and la Defense.

From this point, you will also see the slow-moving traffic building up in the street below the arc.

In summary, Paris should be on your list of places to travel. The friendly and warm people and the blend of ancient and modern architecture will leave unforgettable memories. And of course, make sure to get your portrait drawn by a Parisien artist at the Place du Tertre in Montmartre. It will look good in your living room!

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Last year, I toured Japan for about 30 days. As You know, I was very excited. I had high expectations for a country that I had for years dreamed about seeing. In fact, Japan exceeded my expectations. I loved Japan for its food, the people, the architecture and the culture.

Japan is the birthplace of Sushi, the food that I was most looking forward to eating while in Japan. The flavor, soft texture, the moist rice and high quality tuna are mouthwatering.1398236283_84569700

People are polite and friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. When I got lost looking for my host, a Japanese girl walked me all the way to the address to make sure, I got there.

Bullet trains reduce 10 hour journey to 2 hours. Everywhere I go, two or three vending machines are lined up to buy everything, I need I love the crazy outfits that the people wear in Japan. The Zen gardens really do instill a sense of peace. Japanese toilets are a technological marvel and going to toilets never sounded so fum I loved Ginza, the famous shopping / nightlife area and the maddening crowds that go with it. I climbed the Mt. Fuji mountain and saw the sunrise.


Then, I visited Hiroshima city, which is largely know because of the atomic bomb that was dropped here. I also visited Atomic bomb memorial museum, one of the many museums in Hiroshima and attended one of their festivals. it’s a must-see city in the country.

I found that Japan is too expensive. Accommodation and transport are very expensive and on top of that are the costs of food, souvenirs and so om Then it is not so easy to get around without knowing the language because of the comparatively low level of English of the most native Japanese people. Even in Tokyo, I found myself stuck due to language issues. Once I got out of the city, I found that there are still many supposed sight seeing spots, that do not have any English signs.

Japan needs to be able to self-promote and articulate to the wider world exactly why people should visit. I found that Japan is rich in both traditional culture and technical innovation, as well as plenty of weird and wacky things that I never saw elsewhere.images (2)

Japan is on of the safest and cleanest country in the world. Japanese folks generosity finds no match globally. During my stay in Japan, I learned a magic word “Sumimasen” meaning “Excuse me” !


Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada

Crystal clear lakes, gorgeous mountains and great fresh air are just three things to expect when you visit Canada. This destination is one of the world’s most scenic countries to tour. Adventurers and vacationers love to explore the beauty of Canada’s unspoiled wilderness and take majestic nature walks. If this is your first trip to Canada, you should be aware of some important factors to put into consideration.

Tip Number 1 Canada Trip Planning


Begin your application for passport early enough. If you are in America, don’t take for granted that since Canada is a neighboring country therefore you don’t need a passport. It’s still a foreign country and a passport is required for entry into the country. Up until 2007, Americans could only use a photo ID or a proof of passport registration to enter the country, today, a regular passport is a must for entry into Canada. If you are traveling as a family, your children will also need to have passports if they are over 15 years. Those under 15 years can gain entry using their birth certificates. Be aware that the border is security is always alert looking for missing children Having the appropriate documents will make your visit easy without any security check interruptions.


Tip Number 2— Canada Trip Measuring Systemscanadian-train-vacations-rocky-mountaineer-train

Canada applies different measuring systems compared to other countries like USA and you might get confused with the figures pertaining to distance, temperature or weight. If you are driving in Canada, the distance and speed is measures in kilometers per hour, contrary to USA measuring of miles per hour. The temperature on the other hand is measured in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. These may be simple differences but a slight miscalculation could get you stuck in a cold arctic snap. Use simple equations provided on the internet or your scale map. For example, a given degrees Celsius X 1.8 + 32 will give you the equivalent in degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip Number 3 — Canada Trip Weather Conditions

The climatic conditions of Canada are similar to those of USA. The country experiences the four seasons. However, winter comes much earlier than in USA. Pack appropriately if you are travelling during the months of October to May because these are coldest. If you travel further north, the colder it gets. The winds are stronger than usual and there is lots of rainfall especially in the prairie lands.

Tip Number 4 — Canadian Coupons And Discount Codes

If you have travelled to Canada lately, you might have discovered the new coupon craze. This is a very popular way to save a few dollars while shopping for food, clothes or for general entertainment. Make the most of these coupon codes and see how much you can save on your travels.

Tip Number 5 — Canada Trip Language And Commerce

Canada uses both English and Fresh languages. You can comfortably get by with English in most of the tourist spots and town centers. However, as you travel deep into the interiors, some French knowledge will help especially in cities such as Montreal or Quebec. The country uses the Canadian dollar as their currency. You can still use the US. dollar in most parts of the country but you’ll be more comfortable making payments around if you exchanged your currency to Canadian dollars. Remember to read your ESTA policy thoroughly and review the coverage. Travel health coverage is not necessarily a full medical plan.